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Today’s topic differs from the others which I’ve done until now. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit more about my cocktail story with my favourite cocktail, the one that I’m choosing every time when I’m out with my friends-the famous Mojito.

The Mojito is from the cocktails, which give the summer vibe. When I think about the ingredients, which are used for the making of this cocktail, in my head I can already see the sand, the waves and the hot summer nights with fresh air and music.

My special SURPRIZE today is a fun Cocktail-Quiz. Make the test and see how many from your answers are correct, have fun and find the Faktails about cocktails alone!

Faktails about cocktails Quiz

(you can find the answers below)

Source: Wikipedia

  • Number 1: The Cocktail Mojito comes from:

A) England B) Australia C) Cuba

  • Number 2: Theory about the origin of the name of the cocktail says:

A) It comes from a name of an animal B) It comes from a name of a seasoning C) It comes from a name of a city

  • Number 3:The Mojito without Alcohol’s name is:

A) Nejito B) Nojito C) Rojito

  • Number 4: In 2016 the Mojito was most famous in:

A) France and Germany B) Germany and Britain C) France and Britain

  • Number 5: Which flower can be used as a flavour?

A) Sunflower B) Tulip C) Rose

Source: Wikipedia

How many did you get right?

Mojito Recipe

What you need?
Lime/Lime juice
Sparkling water

Answers: 1C;2B;3B;4B;5C

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