Faktails about Cocktails Day!

Theories about the Vodka Cocktails

I am a really big fan of history and interesting theories about anything. And, like any other thing, every cocktail has an unique history about the first time it was made, about the founder, the name or where does it come from. That’s why I decided that I’m going to tell more about different theories of different cocktails.

So, today we are talking about the Vodka Cocktails‘ theories-Welcome to my Faktails about cocktails !

1.The Bloody Mary Cocktail

The Bloody Mary Cocktail has a distinctive red colour and the decoration is usually non-standard, because of the celery and sometimes the use of shrimps. It’s name is associated with many figures like for example The Queen Mary of England, Mary Pickford is another option as a possible reason. There’s a theory, that the name of the cocktail comes from „Vladimir“-a Slavic name.

The Bloody Mary cocktail helps also if you have drunk a little bit too much and you have a hangover. If you don’t want to drink vodka, because you’re using it as a cure, you can make the non-alcoholic version, which is called „“Virgin Mary“ and is prepared without the spirit

Source of the theories: Wikipedia

2. The Cosmo

The Cosmo cocktail also has a specific red colour, but unlike the Bloody Mary, is transparent, and is famous since the 90s years. The theory tells that the cocktail exist since may be invented earlier, but wasn’t so popular

It is typical, that the cocktail has to be served in a large glass and doesn’t have to be served in a particular part of the day, can be served the whole day, not only evenings/nights. The reason may be the tender, delicate and unobtrusive taste.

Another theory is connected to the invention, when we think about the all the ingredients that contains, they have been all available in the 30s, so it could be invented then.

Source of the theories: Wikipedia

3. Moscow Mule

A lot of theories about the invention of the Moscow Mule go around the world. One of them tells about the invention it The United States of America,

It is usually served with a copper mug and it is served like this since a lot of time and now it is still served in a copper mug

Something really interesting about the Moscow Mule, unlike the other cocktail, is that there are so many variations, so that it is quite difficult to name the half of them. What I find really fun, is the fact, that the Name of the cocktail changes with the change of the ingredients and the new cocktail remains a „mule“, but changes the city/land in front of it. The ingredients may differ between Irish whiskey (Irish mule), Tequila (Mexican mule) and Jägermeister (Berlin Mule)

Source of the theories: Wikipedia

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