Faktails about cocktails Day!

Today I’m going to tell you more about the Gin-Cocktails, which I like to prepare

1.The Gin Fizz

It’s the Gin Fizz that’s most popular in the Fizz family. Alone the Gin fizz has some variations, dependant on the part of the egg, which is being used. If only the egg white is used, the Gin Fizz is called „Silber“. By using the egg yolk, the name changes to „Golden Fizz“. If the whole egg is used in the cocktail, the name becomes „Royal Fizz“.

The „Ramos Gin Fizz“ includes in it’s ingredients orange flower water and sugar and exists since 1888. The glass, which is used for drinking is old fashioned glass.

Other variations of the Gin Fizz, which are not very popular are „Japanese Gin Fizz“ with lychee liqueur the „Sour melon Fizz“ with melon liqueur

Source: Wikipedia

2.Gin Tonic

A possible origin of the Gin Tonic is India, at the time of Malaria and is being used to fight the Malaria. It can be served direct in the glass, without being mixed in the shaker. It’s enough to mix it well.

One variation to the decoration, different from the typical lemon or lime is a fresh cucumber. It still remains in the fresh vibe decoration.

Source: Wikipedia

3.The Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club is one cocktail with a really interesting and long history behind it, which challenges the reader.

It’s possible invention was in the beginning of the 19c. and it was popular until the end of the 30s, when an enormous decline of the popularity has been observed. . Possible reason is the use of raw eggs, which theoretically has been discussed a lot.

There are also many variations of the Clover club, which include using for example the famous grenadine.

Source: Wikipedia

4.The Collins Cocktail

The Collins cocktail eventually exists from the second half of the 19 century and there are many theories about it

One of them tells about a man names Tom Collins, who was telling histories about the guests, and they were running to see him

There are also other variations with different names like Juan Collins-Collins with tequila

Source: Wikipedia

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