Veronika’s favourite cocktails

Easy recipes, which are going to change your party 🙂

„Because Who doesn’t want to drink something good?

Gin Fizz
Vodka Martini

The Cocktails-beloved by many people and also kind of representative. It doesn’t matter if they represent a land/culture or are linked with a history event, they are talking about identity.

In my opinion as a client, which cocktail are you going to choose in the bar or which cocktail are you going to make at home, tells something about your personality. Me, quietly looking at the cocktails me and my friends get on Friday evening and making and thinking about it. What I like the most is the Mojito-fresh, lively and giving summer night vibes, not really sweet, but with an amazing scent, and technically healthy. And than I look at myself-fully energetic most of the time, in love with the summer and in love with life. That’s why associate myself with the Mojito…

Martini Gin
Clover Club
Moscow Mule